How to Make Your Favorite Star Wars Characters from The Force Awakens

From Poe Dameron to Kylo Ren, there are countless iconic Star Wars characters you could use to paint a story on a poster.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

#1: Han Solo (The Phantom Menace) Han Solo is the best, but not by much.

His best story is the one about him and Chewbacca meeting up in space.

#2: Darth Vader (Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope) The original incarnation of Darth Vader is the most iconic character in Star Wars lore.

His backstory and personality are a great source of inspiration.

#3: Luke Skywalker (Star War: The Force Unleashed) Luke Skywalker’s story was an inspiration for the original Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

His adventures in space and on the battlefields of Tatooine are some of the best Star Wars stories ever told.

#4: Chewback (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Chewbacks are a perfect representation of the “cool kid” archetype.

Chewie is a young, innocent kid who wants to do what he loves most in the Star Wars universe.

#5: Yoda (Star Raiders) The best example of the Yoda archetype is in the series’ Star Raiders series.

Yoda is a charismatic, wise, and wise-cracking Jedi Master.

Yodas story is an incredible example of how to portray a powerful, wise Jedi Master and how to use a powerful symbol like the lightsaber to bring him to life.

#6: C-3PO (StarWars: The Original Trilogy) The most iconic characters in Star Trek: the Original Trilogy are C-1PO and C-2PO.

The two best examples of these two characters are C1PO in the original trilogy and the iconic C-5PO in Return of the Jedi.

#7: Han and Leia (StarForce) Han and Chewies relationship is one of the strongest and most beloved in the entire Star Wars canon.

They have a lot of chemistry and can be used to explore a great many different themes.

#8: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Starfighters) Obi-wan Kenobi is the leader of the Rebel Alliance and is one the most popular Star Wars figures in the world.

Obi-Ways story is one that we can incorporate into our own stories.

We can use Obi-wans iconic speech and use it as a starting point for stories in Star Force.

#9: General Grievous (Starwars: The Phantom Menaces) General Grivenous is the villain of the Phantom Menaced.

He is one hell of a bad guy.

He has some awesome moments and a great backstory.

#10: Lando Calrissian (StarWar: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back) Lando is a great character who embodies everything you love about the original film.

He’s a tough, resourceful pilot with a strong sense of justice.

#11: General Dodonna (StarStars: Episode II Attack of the Clones) Dodonna is one badass, smart, and resourceful character in the first two Star Wars films.

Dodonna has a cool backstory that you can explore and he’s an awesome character.

#12: Darth Maul (StarCraft) Darth Maul is one tough, skilled, and skilled warrior from Star Wars.

Darth Maul can be a great inspiration to your own character.

Darth has a very specific backstory, so you can use that as a guide for how you’ll write about him.

#13: Darth Sidious (StarTropics) Sidious is a classic character from the Star Trek series.

Sidious was a clone and Darth is a clone too.

He and Darth have a great relationship.

#14: Luke (StarCities) Luke is one-of-a-kind.

He may not have the best backstory in StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic, but he is one awesome character to tell a story about.

#15: Han (StarTwins) Han is a fantastic example of a character from a Star Wars franchise that was inspired by a real person.

Han is the only Han that we know who is actually a real-life person.

He comes from the planet of Endor, where he was born.

#16: ChewIE (StarBattles) ChewIES backstory is awesome.

You can use it to bring some new life to your favorite Star Wars character.

Chewbak’s backstory is an amazing story and he has a great story to tell.

#17: C3PO/Yoda (A New Hope/The Clone Wars) The character C3PO and Yoda are great examples of characters who are used to represent the “bad guy.”

C3PE and YODA are great to have as supporting characters.

#18: Obi Wan Kenobi (Return of the Republic) Obi Wan is the original Obi Wan.

He was created from the remains of a

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