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The creative grid rulers (CGR) are the digital tools that allow businesses to manage their digital presence and content on a bigger scale.

The grid rulers are available in the Apple app, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon Kindle app stores, and they allow you to create grids to easily organize your digital content.

The grids can also be used to track user actions, organize digital content, and to manage your content across devices.

There are a number of different types of grids, but they all work in a similar way.

You can create a grid by dragging an image from your camera roll, creating a rectangle or rectangle and clicking a link, and then dragging it into a grid, where the grid will automatically fill the space.

Once the grid is created, you can use it as a reference or to help you visualize how your content is arranged.

There’s also a “marker” tool that lets you mark content and images that you want to save as a grid.

Once you have your grid, you have the option to share it with your staff, or you can share it on Facebook or other social media platforms.

You also have the ability to create new grids by simply dragging and dropping an image into your grid.

The possibilities are endless and you can’t go wrong with creating a creative grid.

But, if you’re new to the grid rulers, it can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we have created a quick video to help.

Read more:Creative grid rulers: How to use themThe Grid Ruler app: What you need to know about creative gridsIn a new feature called the “grid ruler,” which we will cover in detail in our next article, the grid ruler will allow you create a number a grid that you can then use to organize your content.

This is useful because it will help you track the location of your content in a way that’s easy to remember, and it can help you find the exact location of content on your site or website.

To use the grid, first create a new grid using the grid tool.

In the grid area, drag and drop an image of an image to the left, and the grid fills the space with that image.

Then, click on the grid and drag that image into the grid.

There you go, your content on the web is organized by a grid ruler.

If you have a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’ll be able to use the Grid Ruler with the new Apple App Store.

It will be much easier to access and use than before, as it now uses a new way to share your content and create grids.

If you have an iPad, you should also be able use the iPad app, but be aware that Apple will not be providing any support for iOS 9.2 or earlier.

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