When Irish kids take their clothes off: When it comes to creative expression, the Republic has the lowest number of female artists, according to research

When it came to female artists in Ireland, the country ranked dead last for the second year running, according the Irish Times’ research.

It said the findings come from an annual survey of artists who have performed or are performing at Irish music venues.

The number of women who have worked in the field has remained flat, the report said.

In 2016, Ireland was the last place in the EU to have a female-dominated artistic scene.

The report’s authors said the lack of female presence in the arts has resulted in a “gender divide” within the industry.

“In 2017, the proportion of women working in the fields of art, performance, dance, film and literature fell to 14 per cent of the workforce, while the number of men who have done so rose to 14.5 per cent,” the report found.

The data comes from a survey of 100 artists, whose work was drawn from across the country.

It found the gap between women and men in Irish arts has widened in recent years, and has remained significant in recent decades.

It also found that women artists in the creative fields of dance, theatre, music and drama are more likely to have worked as students or have been teachers than their male counterparts.

Women are less likely to be artists in film and television, and less likely than their counterparts to be performers.

The research is the first to look at gender diversity within Irish arts since the 1990s.

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