‘A little like a war’: Children in Italy react to the start of World Cup campaign

By Gregorio ManzarelliThe story of the start to the World Cup is the story of Italy’s journey to the tournament and how they got there.

From the first day of training at the training ground in Turin, the first team took on a team of players from the Bologna team who had not played since their World Cup win.

The players were excited to meet their new coaches and they were even more excited to see the new coach.

They were nervous because they were new to the team, but the new boss, Giuseppe Cusimano, was calm and gave them a chance.

Cusimato gave them the confidence to play in the first group stage match against Belgium and it was the first time the Boca Juniors were able to do so since they lost the last game of the World Youth Cup in Spain in 2005.

The team was very happy.

The first game against Belgium was an amazing performance from the team and Cusimano was so pleased with their performance, that he told them to keep fighting for the title.

In the end, they got their first win over Belgium in the World Junior Championship.

It was a victory against an opponent who had beaten them twice already in the previous two games.

They had a 3-0 lead in the game, but then a fantastic goal from Alessandro Del Piero put them ahead in the 35th minute.

They went on to win the game 2-0.

The next match, against Portugal, was also a triumph for the Bona Fina.

The second game against Ghana was the last match for the team but the players were very happy to have that last game as well.

Cusimeno and his team had only just started to compete for the championship and they did not have much time.

They scored three goals in the match and then they went on a winning streak to take the title in the second game of Group D. They finished the tournament with an undefeated record.

The story goes that they had the first goal against Brazil in the final, but that goal was called back by the referee.

He said that they should have scored in the last minute.

In the end the Brazilian team was able to beat the Bonsa Juniors 4-0 and the Bora Bora were able win the World Championships.

They are the youngest team in the competition, and the team is the youngest in Italy, as well as the oldest.

The Bona Bora have been in Serie A for nearly 30 years.

Cucina Cucinotto was the head coach at the Bensalem club when they won the title back in 1984 and he has been the head of the Bosphorus club for nearly 40 years.

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