New Flickr user group names reveal a creative ‘flip side’ of fame

A new Flickr user’s Flickr group name can reveal a flip side of fame.

In a study of 2,500 Flickr users, the researchers found that creative users were less likely to have a “flip-side” personality profile.

For example, those with a creative flair were more likely to be seen by others as creative in nature and have more of a sense of humour. 

But creative flair is a common trait among Flickr users.

“This is a finding that suggests Flickr users are more inclined to see themselves as creative and have a sense that they’re more creative than their peers,” lead researcher Dr Jorgen Koehn said.

“That’s a very interesting finding.”

Dr Koehl and colleagues have been looking at how the personality of Flickr users changes with age.

“We’ve been interested in the role of personality in people’s behaviour, whether it’s being able to engage with the people around them, whether they’re able to maintain that engagement, whether that engagement can lead to creative work,” he said.

The researchers analysed the personalities of users who were between 15 and 60 years old and looked at the relationship between personality traits and engagement on Flickr.

They also looked at how personality traits affected their activity levels.

“When you look at a personality profile, you can see that personality is associated with activity levels,” Dr Koeshn said, but that personality isn’t the only factor.

“You can also look at activity levels as being associated with personality.”

When looking at activity level, people with more creative flair tended to be more active, while those with more negative personality tended to have fewer activity levels than their less creative peers.

Dr Kroehn said it was important to look at personality in relation to activity levels and not just because of the way it affects people’s social interactions.

“What you see is that if you have a lot of creativity, if you are creative, you are also a little bit more likely than others to be social and outgoing,” he explained.

“So we can think about personality as a social factor in how you interact with others.”

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