How a ‘cute’ cake became a viral meme with a ‘Crazy Crazy’ message on the back

“There is something about the cake that’s cute.”

That’s the sentiment behind the #cutecake hashtag.

The #cutesack hashtag is a collective response to the viral viral phenomenon #cuteness, which has captured the imaginations of social media users and bloggers worldwide.

The cake, made by @CutenessCakes, is a whimsical, fun and cute look-a-like created by the Toronto-based food and beverage company, which started selling the cakes in April.

The cakes are made with a special mixture of ingredients, such as chocolate chips and powdered sugar, and are served with whipped cream, jam, vanilla ice cream and other toppings.

“I’m always a little nervous when I get a tweet from @CensoredCake because I don’t know what to say,” said @CynthiaLambert.

“It’s so much fun and I’m so excited to see what the response is.”

The cake is the latest example of the #Cutenesack movement that has been growing rapidly in recent months.

Since April, it has garnered more than 25,000 tweets.

“I just want to show how creative people are with cakes,” said Kimberly Bostick, a 24-year-old Toronto native who has been following the hashtag for the past month.

“You see these cakes being tweeted, people taking pictures, people making them, it’s all about the creativity.”

While the trend has been trending globally, the popularity of the cake has caught on in Canada, too.

“We’re a big country and people are looking for fun and novelty, so we’re seeing people tweet us for these cakes,” Bostack said.

“That’s really cool.

I love the fact that people are making cakes and getting so many great reactions to them.”

The cakes are a creative expression of a love of cakes, which is reflected in the hashtag.

“The whole concept is fun and fun, with lots of little details like chocolate chips, powdered sugar and some sprinkles,” said Cathy Bostuck, an advertising executive who has since launched her own bakery.

“This is the perfect way to say ‘hey, you can make a cake, too!'”

Bostuck and others have created more than 150 cake-themed Instagram accounts, using the hashtag to share images and stories of their creations.

The #cuesack movement has been picked up by many other social media platforms.

“When people are seeing the #thesack on Twitter, they are going to want to make their own cakes,” says Bostok, who has a cake-shaped teddy bear on her blog.

Bostok created a cake with sprinkles and chocolate chips last year, inspired by the viral hashtag.

“The hashtag is really good because it’s really fun and we can see people sharing it and getting really excited about it,” she said.

“When people see it, they’re like ‘oh my god, I can make this cake.’

It’s really awesome to see people embracing it and doing it.

It’s a really powerful thing.”

The #CuteCake movement has spread to other platforms, too, including Twitter and Instagram.

“It’s really funny because people who are doing a lot of tweeting and posting and commenting are not going to know that this is actually happening,” said Bostik, adding that she is excited to find new fans on Instagram and Twitter.

The trend is growing as a way to spread joy and enthusiasm for a food and drink that is both sweet and simple.

“Cutenesses are not the only ones making cakes out there, but the trend is definitely there,” said Stephanie Bostink, who co-founded @Cutecakes with her husband.

“If people have a little bit of creativity, they can come up with amazing recipes.”

Bostick is planning to open her own cake shop soon, but hopes the #cake craze will help spread the word about baking and fun.

“If I can create a cake that is as delicious as they are, then people will want to come back and try it,” said she.

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