Why you should love ‘Nails to the Wall’ [Business Insider]

Creative nail art has become the new trend.

The crafty artists have used natural and digital techniques to create the look of a perfect manicure, from a nail polish to a glitter or sparkle.

Some nail art designs even have an entire section dedicated to each color and a nail artist’s personal interpretation of the look.

But what does the nail art look like on your nails?

In this exclusive video from our sister publication The Next Web, the creators of nail art explain how to get your nails exactly where you want them to be.

The nail art industry is still in its infancy, and its been hard to find a nail art shop that doesn’t carry an assortment of colors and designs.

So how can you choose the right nail art style?

Here are the top three nail art styles to consider when looking for the perfect nail art.1.

The Art of the HandcraftedStyle nail art is an art of precision.

The artists who create nail art tend to work with their hands and carefully craft each design, with a hand-drawn design as a starting point.

These artists typically go into detail about the style, such as how the nail should look on your nail, how to apply the polish to your nails, and what color it should be.2.

The Nail Art of NaturalStyle nail paint is more like a brush-and-prick painting.

These nail art artists tend to focus on the natural, hand-painted look of nail polish.

This style has been around since the 1930s, and today it is the fastest-growing nail art trend.3.

The Color and GlitterNail art is usually a combination of color and glitter, which are usually painted with various shades of pigment.

However, there are a few nail art patterns that use different materials and are inspired by the natural world.

In fact, there is an entire nail art genre dedicated to the natural beauty of the natural look.

These are usually a mix of natural and artificial materials, such a powder, a glittery glitter, or even a glitter spray.

For example, one artist’s nail art includes a mixture of natural glitter and natural glitter spray, as well as glitter and glitter powder.4.

The Style of NaturalColor nail art uses natural materials and natural techniques to add a natural twist to your manicure.

Natural nails are typically natural colors, like yellow, orange, green, or purple.

Natural nail art, also called natural beauty nail art or natural nail art by nature, is popular in China, Brazil, and other Asian countries.

These designs are inspired both by nature and by a designer’s own personality.5.

The Type of NaturalNail Art is usually more of a geometric pattern, and usually has a little bit of a hand in the design.

A good natural nail style will have a mix, a little more than one, of natural color, natural texture, and natural detail.

Nail art that is geometric, as opposed to geometric or sculptural, is often more of an art than a craft.

Nails made in this style have a more organic feel and are less formal.

These styles have been popular in the U.S. since the 1960s.

These nails are usually more colorful than the other styles we mentioned, but the artists can also do more intricate designs.6.

The Size of the DesignNail arts are more complex than nail art trends, as they can have intricate patterns that take more time to complete.

Nailing styles that have an intricate design, like hand-made nails or art that uses natural colors and natural technology are great choices for nail art projects.

Nailed nail art can be very personal and unique.

You may have to wait a few weeks for your nail art to arrive, but it will look great and feel natural.

Nail craft stores can also have nail art classes and tutorials available, so if you are interested in learning how to nail craft, check out the Nail Arts class.

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