‘Wicked’ lyrics could have been ‘more inspirational’

The lyrics of an iconic song from the 1970s have a long and controversial history.

The song, Wicked, has become a classic for artists who are often in the spotlight.

The lyric “I can’t change who I am / Because I can’t choose / But I’m just going to make the choices I make” has been used by many celebrities and popular artists.

“The lyrics were so simple, and yet powerful, and it’s still resonating to this day,” wrote one of the original writers, David Foster Wallace, in his best-selling book “The Last of the Great American Novelists.”

“The truth is that they had a profound, deeply personal message.

It’s a message about the power of love, about the meaning of life, and how important it is to choose the things that make you happy.”

Here are five of the most controversial lyrics to be found on the song: “You know, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned bangin’ at a friend’s house / The last word of wisdom in life” -The Beatles “I want to feel the way you feel / I want to be as happy as you are” -Marvin Gaye “I’m just a simple man / You know, the last word in life is love” -David Bowie “The first time I heard the song, it was the first time that I felt the joy of music.”

-David Byrne “It’s the one song I always wanted to be a rock star.”

-Rihanna “I feel like I’ve just been reborn / I feel like there’s just been a spark in me” -Queen “If I want a man to like me, I’ll have to show him the love of a woman” -Billie Holiday “I think you’ve got to get out there and get some friends / I think it’s better to get married and get a dog” -Paul Simon “It was the best thing ever” -Bruce Springsteen “The world is full of people who say, ‘I love you,’ but there are also people who don’t feel that way at all.”

-Hannah Montana “We just need to make it bigger / And the more people we have, the more power we have.”

-Drake “The song was written by a poet who said he felt that way about his life, his friends, his feelings” -Cheryl Crow “You should be able to say it out loud, it’s the first thing that comes to mind” -Aaliyah “I’d love to go to my grave and sing ‘I Love You.'”

-Taylor Swift “I was really depressed and I didn’t know what to do.”

-Bill Cosby “If you ever feel like you’re a victim, don’t be a victim.”

-Gwen Stefani “I really feel like this song is the message of the last song you’ll ever hear.”

-Sylvia Plath “I know it’s a hard thing to say / I just feel like it’s just the best.”

-The Chainsmokers “It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t even matter where you’re from, you’re still here” -Selena Gomez “If people want to listen to the song and not just feel sorry for themselves, then we can go to heaven.”

-Kanye West “I felt like it was just about me, but it’s really about us all.”

—Bobby Shmurda, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”