How to make a film about the digital age: The short film from the creators of ‘The Internet’

A little known but influential short film that features the makers of The Internet was recently nominated for the National Film Board of Canada (NFBC) International Film Festival’s Emerging Artists Film Award.

“The Internet” was created by two Montreal-based filmmakers, two film producers and a writer.

The film premiered at the NFBC’s Emerging Creatives Film Awards at the end of September.

In a post on their website, the filmmakers write, “The short film is a reflection on the future of technology and its impact on society.

We have worked for over a year on it, from brainstorming to editing and production.

We wanted to present it to the NFACC, so that it might inspire them to consider it for their upcoming film festival.

It is not just about the internet, but about the whole ecosystem of ideas and technologies.”

They continue, “Our film is based on the idea that we are living in a digital age.

We are living on the internet.

The internet has become a tool of communication, of discovery, of sharing, of self-expression.

The future of the internet is to be an ecosystem of sharing that allows people to be in a shared space, without barriers or borders, where everyone is part of the community.

We believe that technology can transform our lives.”

The filmmakers explain, “We created The Internet to help raise awareness about the growing impact of digital media on people’s lives and their capacity to connect.

Our film is an antidote to the internet propaganda that dominates the media.

We want people to see the truth and to know that their information is real and their actions are informed.”

“The internet” is a short film about two young filmmakers who create their own digital video-based entertainment.

They are both part of a small group called the New Wave Media Collective.

They use the internet to make their films and their films can be viewed on Netflix, Vimeo and other platforms.

“We are creating something that can help people make sense of what the internet has meant for them and how it has affected their lives.

We hope that The Internet will be a catalyst for more people to understand that technology is just one aspect of a complex and evolving world.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact that technology has on people and to inspire them, and by extension the wider community, to look beyond the media to the people in their lives.”

For the NFFC, the Emerging Artists film award is a recognition of the work of a film that has helped raise awareness for emerging artists in Montreal.

They note that the award is given “to films that challenge preconceived notions of what it means to be a filmmaker.”

“We believe that filmmakers have a unique place in our collective culture, and the recognition of emerging artists as a class should be a priority,” said NFBC executive director, Julie Charest.

“It is critical to recognize that, while there are a great many young creative talents out there, the creative talents that we recognize are also represented by a smaller group of established filmmakers and the smaller number of people who have made films.”

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