Why we like the ‘Fluffy’ song from ‘The Big Short’

When a movie starring Will Smith is released next year, fans will probably be clamouring for a “Fluffy” soundtrack, and we’ve got your answer.

But what is a Fluffy?

And why do some people love it?

Read More , it’s been revealed.

And now we’re bringing it back, as we bring you our Top 10 favourite Fluffy songs, which are just as catchy as they are brilliant.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

“The Big Spot” (feat.

Ed Sheeran) “The Big Screen” was one of the most viral hits from the blockbuster “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” 

The song’s catchy hook, which was inspired by the fact that Smaug’s lair was “a place that just sort of just oozes”, is a reference to the scene where Gandalf was trapped in his castle.

“He’s trapped inside a cave in the middle of nowhere,” he explains.

“I’ve got a lot of things to say about that.”


“It’s a Place That Just Sucks” This song is from the movie “Mockingjay Part 1”, where Gandorth was trapped inside an underground cave, which he found out about when he was on a mission to get to his mother’s tomb.

When Gandalf finds out that his mother is alive, he immediately jumps out of the cave, because he is “just a little bit out of it.”

He then starts telling the rest of the dwarves about how his mother had passed away.


“Flippin’ Flop” Flippo is a word for “lose”.

It’s also a term for “suck”, a word that was popularised by the band Flipper in 2001, when they released their hit single “It Makes Me Want to Kiss You”.

Flipper frontman David Wilson, who is known for his “flip flop” style of dance, explained to MTV News that the song’s hook, “It makes me want to kiss you,” was inspired in part by the word “losing”.

“The idea was to write the hook and the chorus, and then we would all be like, ‘What is this word?

Is it a lost word?’,” he said.

“So we went to a dictionary and found a lost-word dictionary and we said ‘Flipp’ as a way to make the song feel more genuine.”


“No, I Won’t” “No, You Won’t (No, Not Me)” is from The Dark Knight Rises.

The song was inspired when, during the Joker’s rampage, Batman had a nightmare about a girl who would “no longer be with me” after he murdered her.

In the movie, Bane’s father, Batman, then turns on the lights, forcing him to flee his home, where he finds his daughter, Selina Kyle.

 “It just comes out of my head,” Wilson said.


“A Place That Loves You” When “Birds and Bubbles” was released in 2012, it became the fastest-selling album of all time, with 2.4 million copies sold worldwide.

But it wasn’t just music that propelled it to the top of the charts, as it also garnered acclaim for its catchy chorus, which Wilson said made the song “absolutely perfect”.

“It’s about love, it’s about friendship, it talks about a place that you love,” he explained.

“We wanted to write it like a rock song, but we didn’t want it to be too sentimental.

We wanted it to feel like it’s the beginning of something new.”

We wanted it [the chorus] to be like it was coming out of your head.

We were just singing to ourselves.

It was eventually used in the opening credits of the movie. “

Just A Little Bit Out Of It” One of the more recognisable songs from the film “Frozen”, “Just a Little Bit” was inspired from the fact “I had this little piece of paper, which I couldn’t quite remember the name of, and I just kept flipping through it.”

It was eventually used in the opening credits of the movie.

After the credits roll, Elsa and Anna go to their bedroom and start reading about the events of the previous day.

While she is reading, she suddenly feels “a little bit like a balloon popping”.


“Livin’ With You” (from The Big Short) This is one of two songs from The Big House which are actually in the movie; the other is the one where Finn and Jake are having a conversation.

This one was inspired after Finn said to Jake, “You’re going to die.”

“When I read it to him, I said, ‘That’s

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