What’s happening with the iPhone X’s camera?

Apple is getting ready to release the first iPhone X, the device that Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled in October.

And if the device doesn’t live up to expectations, it could have a major impact on the iPhone and its future.

Here’s what you need to know about the camera.

What you need now: The iPhone X features a new sensor, an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 16-megapixels front-facing camera.

In short, it’s a massive upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus.

But it’s not the only upgrade Apple has made.

The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Plus have also got the same sensor, and both are also getting a bigger battery.

The biggest difference is the iPhone 8’s camera.

Apple says it’s faster, sharper and more accurate than its predecessor, but this is not really true.

The new camera has a larger sensor, which makes the new iPhone 8 camera faster and sharper, and the iPhone 9 Plus’ camera is also more accurate.

The reason Apple chose to upgrade the camera is that the iPhone was originally designed to be a single camera, and so the company needed to make sure that the new camera would fit within the iPhone’s overall size and functionality.

But the iPhone 6s was also designed to work with one camera, so the iPhone camera was also redesigned for the iPhone Plus.

The upgrade will also increase the iPhone battery by an average of 3.5% and will make the phone 10% lighter.

It won’t make it thinner, but it will make it lighter.

There are some differences in the way the camera works and the software that it runs on the new phones.

It’s the same software that’s powering all the iPhone models, including the iPhone Pro.

The only difference between the two phones is the camera and software.

The camera has always been one of the biggest hurdles for the phone, and it’s the biggest reason why users have been switching to Apple phones.

Apple’s decision to upgrade its camera means that the company is making more of an effort to bring the iPhone to the next level.

But in some ways, the upgrades are less dramatic than some other phones.

The cameras on the Apple Watch have always been much better than on the MacBook Air.

But if you use the iPhone on the go, it still has a better camera than most other phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G6 and LG V20.

The Apple Watch’s camera is now also significantly better than the iPhone.

For example, Apple’s new camera on the watch is faster and better than its earlier camera on its phones.

There’s also the matter of battery life.

The battery on the iPad Pro, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2 is about 4,000mAh.

That’s less than the battery on Samsung’s Galaxy S8, LG’s G6, and Huawei’s Huawei P9.

But you can still use the same iPhone 8, 9, 10 and 12 as many times as you want.

If you use more than two devices at once, the battery will last a long time.

If it lasts for an hour or more, you’ll probably be able to get through the day without draining it.

The best iPhone is still the iPhone, and that’s not changing.

There will be a big upgrade in the iPhone lineup to be released next year.

But for now, the biggest change for the Apple iPhone 8 is that it’s going to be cheaper.

The cheapest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Pro are now available at $1,299 and $1 to $1.29, respectively.

The two most expensive iPhones are now $1,-199 and $2,-199, respectively, which is $50 less than their previous price.

And you can also get the cheaper iPhone 8s for $1 cheaper than the older iPhone 8.

But don’t expect to see a lot of the iPhone 10 or iPhone 11 prices drop much.

Apple will likely continue to sell the iPhone as a single device, but the iPhone line will be the most expensive one in the lineup.

The $1 Apple Watch comes with three bands: a 3.7mm-to-1.6mm-thin, 3.3mm-wide band, a 1.5mm-upgrade band and a 3mm-downgrade band.

The 1.6-to 3.9mm-inch iPhone band is the most affordable of the four bands, and if you order one, you will get two of them.

The 3.6 to 4.1mm-inch iPhone band will be more expensive than the other three bands, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it.

It’ll be $99, but you’ll get a more expensive band if you buy the two 2.8mm- to 3.0mm-inches.

If the iPhone comes in two different bands, you can buy the 1.3-to 2.4mm- and 1.2-to 1.4-mm-thick bands separately

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