When you have a pet name, who do you call it?

In a survey conducted in 2016, a survey by a company called Aaj Tak found that only 1% of the people surveyed used a pet’s pet name as their first name.¬†

This is because it was considered rude and insensitive to call a dog “dog” instead of a cat or bird, and a dog was not a cat.

Aaj also found that the average person had a pet named after them, and that a lot of the time people would call their pets names like their pet, their dog, or their cat.

In a study conducted by Aaj in 2017, researchers asked over 5,000 people their first names.

A few names that came up a lot in the study were “Saucy” and “Bambi,” while “Lola” was mentioned more than any other name.

In the study, people who said their first first name was “Sue” or “Ruth” were asked to choose between using their pet’s name, “Suede” or the pet’s surname, “Lila” or their first family name.

The results of the study revealed that the more people used their pet name in their names, the more likely they were to name their pet “Riley” or even “Rudd,” while the least common name was used only 3% of people.

This study also revealed that people with more than five children tended to be more likely to use their pet names than those with two children.

For more information on naming your pet, check out the Aaj Study article.