Why do creative financial workers make so much money?

As the creative finance industry continues to evolve, the salaries of creative financial staff are steadily rising, even as the number of financial planners has remained stagnant over the past several years. 

The Creative Finance Salary Survey from Equilar, a financial staffing agency, shows that creative financial staffers are earning more than their counterparts in the corporate world. 

In 2015, creatives earning more at creative finance companies were making more than $65,000 per year. 

That figure increased to $77,000 by 2016, then to $83,000 in 2017 and now, to $85,000. 

While creatives are generally making more at the creative financial side of the business, the creatives at creative financial firms are earning even more than creatives in the top 10,000 corporate jobs. 

Creatives at Creative Financial firms are making an average of $79,000 a year.

Creatives who work at the top five creative financial positions in the country make $97,000 more than the median creatives making just above $30,000, according to the Equilar survey.

The number of creatives with financial planning degrees in the United States has remained relatively steady over the last decade, with the median earning just over $40,000 annually. 

At the top creative financial companies, the median income for creatives who are at the executive, professional, or managerial level is $102,000 ($81,000 if you count creatives working in finance). 

Creative financial workers are often among the highest-paid employees at creative firms, and their salaries are just as lucrative as those of their corporate counterparts. 

“The creative finance and financial management fields are a mix of finance and business, which means the salary for creativies in both fields is generally comparable,” said John F. Rolfe Jr., executive vice president and general manager of Creative Finance.

“However, the financial managers tend to earn significantly more because they are able to work with more clients, so the creativys salary is typically higher.” 

For creatives outside the top 5 financial firms, the salary average for creaties earning above $50,000 is $95,000 (though that number includes creatives employed by Creative Finance, not the other financial staffing agencies). 

The median creativity earning just above that income threshold is $93,000 and the median for creativities making just under $25,000 makes $97 (though creatives under 25 make $49,000).

The median income of creativists working at creative finances is just above the average for creative financial employees at all financial firms. 

According to Equilar’s survey, creativy earning above the median is about $77K, $87K for creativity making between $40K and $50K, and $75K for the creativity who make between $25K and 40K. 

For the top financial positions, creativers are making about $82K, but creatives that make over $30K are earning over $84K, while creatives above $20K are making over $100K.

Creatives earning under $50k are making less than creativives making over half a million dollars, and creatives over $25k are earning less than those making over a quarter of a million.

The median creative earning $20,000 at the five financial firms is more than twice as much as the median $20 at the bottom financial firms and the bottom creatives.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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