How to get a healthy and creative life from your iPhone

When your smartphone becomes your primary device for content consumption, it’s time to look at your digital health and wellness strategy.

Here’s how to make sure your digital life is in sync with your smartphone’s fitness and wellness goals.


Take a few steps to become a health-obsessed digital star with your apps and activities 1.

Use a personalized app that keeps track of your activities and how much you’re doing.


Make sure your app is personalized for each device you use it on. 3.

Use apps that are designed to help you stay healthy and fit.4.

Choose apps that help you build a fitness profile, such as a Fitbit or Jawbone.5.

Make time to go to the gym, especially if you have a smartphone.6.

Use fitness tracking apps to stay active in the office, or when you’re not in the gym.7.

Use your fitness app to plan your exercise regimen.8.

Get to know your smartphone habits.9.

Use an app to keep track of what’s new in your phone, like the weather, news, or the latest app update.10.

Find and use apps that offer a variety of health and fitness apps, such the Fitbit, Jawbone, and the Fitbits.11.

Start using your smartphone to check out your favorite health and health-related content on a variety, and even daily, basis.12.

If you have health issues or concerns, use your smartphone as a source of comfort and support, even if it’s for just a few minutes a day.13.

If your smartphone is not an activity tracker, try using it as a way to stay fit or manage your weight.14.

Use one of the many fitness tracking and nutrition apps on your smartphone, such Google Fit, Fitbit Plus, and others.15.

Look for and download apps that allow you to track your activity and health with real-time data.16.

Use mobile apps that track your physical activity and data to help make the most of your smartphone.17.

Use health-focused apps to keep up with health-promoting information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).18.

Use the latest health and personal-care apps from the leading brands.19.

If there’s a wellness app, look for a fitness app that’s built specifically to help people with health issues.20.

Start tracking your exercise and nutrition habits with your phone and monitor your progress.21.

Use exercise apps to improve your posture, lower your body fat, and build lean muscle mass.22.

Find a wellness tracker to keep tabs on your fitness goals.23.

Use HealthTap, a free fitness tracker, to track all of your daily steps and track your fitness, health, and fitness-related metrics.24.

Use Fitbit to track steps and calories burned, or Jawtronix to measure your heart rate and muscle activity.25.

Use Jawbone or JawBone to track exercise and weight loss.26.

Use Heartbeat, a wearable heart-rate device, to help track your progress in any of your exercise-related activities.27.

Get personalized fitness recommendations and personal health tips from your health-care provider.28.

Get access to the latest wellness apps from your phone’s fitness app provider.29.

Use Google Fit to track distance traveled, calories burned and steps, and Jawtrons to track activity and activity-related data.30.

Use The Healthbook app to stay on top of your personal-health goals.31.

If a smartphone fitness app doesn’t offer a way for you to set goals, consider a health app that does.32.

If health-tracking apps aren’t available for your smartphone or the smartphone isn’t connected to a smartphone, consider connecting to a fitness device.33.

Check out the latest fitness apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.34.

Check your smartphone apps regularly for new apps and features.35.

Consider purchasing fitness apps to get the latest and greatest apps, and stay up to date on fitness trends.36.

Monitor your smartphone health and activity and update your health app and fitness app alerts if you notice any issues.37.

Use tools to help manage your smartphone wellness.38.

Use Apple Health to get more information about your health and keep up to-date on your health needs and activities.39.

Use Samsung Health to check your health activity, fitness level, and other health-relevant information.40.

Use Microsoft Health to see your progress and get information about any recent medical conditions or injuries.41.

Use app-based health apps to track and track progress, health-and-activity data, and personalized fitness advice.42.

Monitor and manage your phone health, including how your smartphone feels, looks, and performs.43.

Keep track of all your health data, including data related to your activity, activities, health status, and weight

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