How to install Creative Commons Attribution License in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera with this easy guide

Posted September 14, 2019 10:31:13If you’ve installed the Creative Commons Creative License for an image or video, you’re going to need to install it again in order to use it in the future.

That’s because the CC license requires you to give attribution for your work.

In the Creative licenses, the attribution tag must be followed by the full attribution statement, and the URL of the website that uses the image or content must be included.

To use the Creative CC license, open the image you want to share and tap the Share button.

The image will appear in the Library of Congress Creative Commons, which you can access by visiting

(If you’re having trouble finding the link, check the URL on your browser.)

The CC license works well in all browsers and platforms, but it can be tricky to find.

This guide explains how to find the Creative license, and then you can add it to any of the Creative-licensed images or videos you share.

For a quick look at how the CC licensing works, check out the Wikipedia article on the CC model.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to add a CC license to any image or clip you’ve made in your Creative Cloud account.

In this guide:You’ll need a Creative Cloud AccountYou’ll want to log in to your CreativeCloud account.

(To find out how to do this, follow the steps below.)

If you have a CreativeCloud subscription, go to and create a new account.

Create a license file for your image or the videoYou’ll first need to create a license for the image and video.

Once you’ve done this, you can start sharing images or video with the CreativeCloud team.

When you upload a CreativeWork file, you’ll see a notice like this one in the Creative Cloud app:This notice includes your CreativeWork’s full license, so you can choose whether to include it in your shared image or a video.

Choose to include the image in the shared imageYou’ll see an icon that says “Add an image.”

This icon will appear next to the “Share” button.

Select the file you want your CC license forYour license will now appear next the Share icon in the app.

Choose the file to shareYou’ll get a pop-up menu with options for the file, the license, the URL, and a checkmark next to it.

If you click the “Submit” button, you will see your license for your CC file appear in your Shared Library.

You can share an image and a video without sharing a licenseThis is a great option if you’re just sharing an image from a folder or a file in your own CreativeCloud collection, or if you want a different license for each.

You can choose to share a single image with the permission to share that image or one video at a time, or share multiple files to share them together.

To share an individual file, choose Share and then click the icon in your Library.

Select the file that you want, and you’ll be taken to the license file that appears.

Choose the option to share it.

(You can see which license option appears by clicking the “License” icon in Creative Cloud.)

The license you choose will appear as an option on the left side of the screen.

(The license icon is colored in blue and yellow.)

When you share multiple licenses, select the option you want from the menu.

Choose your file to be shared.

(For more information about sharing multiple files, see Share multiple files together.)

Your license is ready to share!

When you share an uploaded file with CreativeCloud, it will appear automatically on your Shared Libraries.

When sharing an individual license, select “Submit a new license” on the “license” menu.

Select your file and choose “Save as” to share the file.

(This option appears as an icon in a blue box in your share screen.)

Once you have shared your license, you have permission to use that file in a new CreativeCloud file, and to add it as an add-on to any other file.

Note: When you choose to add an add on to another file, that file will be added to your Shared Licenses as a new CC license.

You must first make a copy of the CC file you added the add-ons to.

To add an additional file to your CC library, click “Add to library” in the menu that appears next to your “license.”

Choose a new file to add to your library, and choose an extension that matches the name of the file in the CC Licenses.

(Note: Some files can only be added if the extension is .mp4, .mov, or .m4v.)

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