How to write an ‘exaggerated’ headline without being a ‘scammer’

How to get your headline to appear as if it was written by someone who was paid to do it. 

What is an ‘impressively’ long headline?

The phrase “exaggerate” has been used to describe the idea of using hyperbole to create dramatic effect. 

To illustrate the point, let’s look at how a headline is typically constructed, which is how it appears on the Internet. 

The following example uses hyperbole in its headline: “Obama ‘scare tactics’ at VA: Trump and Pence” The headline includes two words that have been shortened to appear like “scam,” which are “scams,” and “scares,” which is “scary.” 

These words have been combined to create the “exact” title, which appears as if the words were written by a scammers. 

This is a clear example of an “impressive” headline, which can be very misleading to consumers and should be avoided. 

Here are some examples of headlines that should not appear as “scammers”: “Trump ‘scares’ by signing executive order to limit travel from seven Muslim-majority countries” “President Trump is being sued for defamation” “Trump signs executive order that restricts travel from the seven Muslim majority countries” To avoid this, avoid headlines that are “imprinted” or that have a “showing headline” label. 

These phrases can appear as a direct result of a “scammy” headline. 

Example 1: “Donald Trump Scares VA: VA Employees, Staff Say He Scares Them” This headline is an example of a headline that has been “imprinted,” meaning it has a “show headline” tag on it, which stands for “show the headline to consumers.” 

The text on the “show” tag reads: “VA employees and employees of the VA are calling for President Donald Trump to rescind his executive order limiting travel from these countries.

Trump signed an executive order restricting travel from Muslim-dominated countries. 

We call on President Trump to revoke this executive order immediately.” 

Example 2: “Trump Scares the World by signing Executive Order to Limit Travel from Muslim Nations” Here is a similar example. 

Again, the text on this “show title” tag is “show show show show,” which stands a “promote” tag. 

“We call for President Trump’s immediate revocation of President Trump ‘s executive order on travel from this Muslim-controlled country.

Trump’s executive order was recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.” 

If you are looking for examples of hyperbole, you might find this post on CNN’s website or this article by the Washington Post about the “imminent” threat of a terrorist attack on the United States. 

For more on hyperbole and deceptive headlines, see the article “The Art of Scamming: The Hidden Art of Imposturing and the Art of Being Clever.” 

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