Fortnite creator John Carmack’s ‘crystals’ for creativity project hits Kickstarter

Creativity, creative, creative arts studio — it’s been a big year for Fortnites creator John “Crytek” Carmack, who has now raised $5.3 million to create and publish an interactive game that takes you to the fantasy world of Fortnited.

Carmack first pitched the game to fans in March at the game’s launch party.

“Crystals for Creativity” takes the same idea of creating a magical game, but with an interactive experience.

It is currently in the alpha phase and is in the process of being refined to allow players to interact with their virtual pets.

The game is in Early Access and will be fully playable by the end of the year.

This Kickstarter is the latest in a string of ventures by Carmack that has taken him from humble beginnings to a multimillion-dollar industry.

He launched a game called “Star Wars: Battlefront” and the critically acclaimed “Infinity Ward” with the help of a $1.5 million investment.

He is now working on his latest project, “Crystallization.”

It will be the third game in the “Crystals for Creativities” series, which has included “Tiny Titans,” “Luna” and “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

The Kickstarter will be a way for Carmack to get his new game into more people’s hands, especially as the industry has moved away from traditional publisher models and toward crowd-funding.

The goal of the campaign is $500,000.

This will cover the initial printing and production costs.

This is a small amount compared to the tens of millions of dollars Carmack and his studio have raised from the likes of Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts.

The funds will go towards: Creating a new version of the game for iOS, Android and PC

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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