How to use the Google search bar to search for images on the net

RTE 1/6 Google search The search bar has been expanded to include images from popular social media sites.

The search icon now appears in the search bar in a new way.

2/6 Search for the perfect photo RTE 2/7 Search for a perfect image RTE 3/7 A quick search for a new photo.

RTE 4/7 The new search bar RTE 5/7 You can now search for specific photos on Google.

R TE 6/7 An image search.

R YouTube The search page for YouTube has been updated with links to new videos.

R Ticker A new ticker is available on Google search to help you find a new article or photo.

1/ 6 Google search Click the search icon to access the Google website.

2 / 6 Search for new content on Google Google’s search interface has been overhauled.

The new interface will allow users to search through content on YouTube, Google+ and the search results pages of popular social networks.

3/ 6 Search YouTube The new Search page for the YouTube service shows a search box that allows you to search content from a number of sources, including Google+, YouTube and the Search Results page of YouTube.

4 / 6 A new search button RTE 6 / 7 Search for content on the search result pages of YouTube YouTube users can now add and search for videos from the Search results page of Google+, Google+, and YouTube.

The “New video” button can be found in the top right corner of the search box.

5 / 6 Click on a thumbnail to add it to your YouTube channel.

R TV The video page of the TV service has been revamped with new images.

R RTE The new TV page on YouTube has now a dedicated video section.

R Twitter The video channel of the Twitter service has also been revamped, with a dedicated channel page.

R Facebook The new video page for Facebook has been added.

R Tumblr The new YouTube channel for Tumblr has been redesigned with a video section with the new channel images.

7 / 6 The video of a video has been uploaded to YouTube Now, users can also add videos to their YouTube channels, which are automatically downloaded and added to their accounts.

R Instagram A new video section has been opened on Instagram.

R LinkedIn The new Facebook video page has been introduced.

R Snapchat A new Snapchat video section is open.

R Vimeo A new Vimeo video section opens.

R Weibo A new Weibo video section opened.

R Youku The new Youku video section, which shows all videos posted to Youku, is open to all users.

R WhatsApp A new WhatsApp video section open.