‘The Good Guys’ #10 is finally coming to #1 title The Good Guys #10 arrives at #1

The Good Men Project is a comedic fantasy series about a group of smart, tough and funny young men who are just trying to live their lives and make it on their own terms.

A group of men who have been fighting for a better world for years.

A team that has been struggling to come up with a new word for a new action figure.

A man who was once bullied by his father, who was now the leader of the Bad Guys.

A series that follows a group (including one-time friends) as they fight to save the world.

This new series by writer-producer/creator Nick Roche (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Avengers: Infinity War) and artist Matt Dillard (The Punisher: War Zone, Hellboy II) is the first in a new arc that follows the characters as they navigate the world, from the streets of New York to the streets where they fight the bad guys.

The Good Men #10 #1 is now available in stores.

It arrives on Friday, November 22nd.

Follow along with the rest of the Good Men story through the following social media platforms:The GoodMenProject.com

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