How to design the perfect city map for the city of fun

Mapmakers are now able to build cities that look like fun.Mapmakers can create cities that have a mix of amenities and features that create a fun mix.The fun part is the mix.In other words, a city that has lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment is a great place to build a fun city.The problem withRead More

How to draw something like a dinosaur

Creative: I think I drew a dinosaur. Creative: You didn’t. Creative:  What’s the difference?Creative: I drew this dinosaur in my head and I drew it in the air. I drew it with my hands and then I drew with my mouth. What are the similarities? If you have to draw a dinosaur in your head, then you are not good.You’re not goodRead More

When to Wear a Makeup and Why: The Art of Makeup on the Go

Tucked away behind the cushions of your desk, the art of make-up can be intimidating to newbies, and it can be especially difficult when you have to wear something that’s supposed to be invisible.Here’s how to navigate the tricky area.Read More for a few ideas to get you started.The beauty of the Makeup On theRead More

How to get a creative park license for your project

Creative commons is an open source software license that allows anyone to freely use and share any kind of content.Creative commons allows creators to freely distribute their works on the internet.This license allows anyone, anywhere, to copy, modify, distribute, publicly perform, display, perform and transmit any work on the website.This means that anyone can createRead More

How to build a game on Google Maps and YouTube

Explore the world of creative arcade games and watch how to create a world that you can play in the comfort of your own home.In this article we’ll take a look at how to set up the Google Maps API to use creative arcades to map out your own game, then show you how toRead More