How to create your own short stories

Writers can spend a decade on the road and yet still make a living.In an article published in the September 2016 issue of American Essay, journalist and essayist Amanda R. Grosz interviewed six writers about their path to the creative writing profession.Rounding out the list was writer Amy L. Martin, who has since written twoRead More

Creativity is a Creative Escape from a Creative Church

Creative escape from a creative church?How about an escape from your job, your lifestyle, and your friends?That’s the idea behind a creative photoshooting concept that’s about to hit the big screen in the U.K. with the first movie of its kind: Creative Escape From a Creative church.The film, titled Creative Escape, is based on theRead More

How to be a successful writer from scratch

The best way to get a creative writing program is to be one yourself, says Michael R. Smith, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and author of The Creative Writing Journey.It’s hard to break into the industry without getting your foot in the door.Smith says he started by going to schools andRead More

How to make a film about the digital age: The short film from the creators of ‘The Internet’

A little known but influential short film that features the makers of The Internet was recently nominated for the National Film Board of Canada (NFBC) International Film Festival’s Emerging Artists Film Award.“The Internet” was created by two Montreal-based filmmakers, two film producers and a writer.The film premiered at the NFBC’s Emerging Creatives Film Awards atRead More

How to buy your favorite things with the internet

There are a number of different ways to buy stuff online, but for those who love to get things online in the first place, there’s a certain platform that’s particularly appealing.One of the most popular is the online store.With so many retailers offering deals, and so many people choosing to shop online, it’s a goodRead More

How to find the best creative podcasts

We all know podcasts are a big part of the culture of the modern internet.That is, when you are searching for podcasts, you are looking for those that are all about the same subject.As such, there are a plethora of podcasts out there that focus on one or more of those subjects.So how do youRead More