Creativity is a Creative Escape from a Creative Church

Creative escape from a creative church?How about an escape from your job, your lifestyle, and your friends?That’s the idea behind a creative photoshooting concept that’s about to hit the big screen in the U.K. with the first movie of its kind: Creative Escape From a Creative church.The film, titled Creative Escape, is based on theRead More

How to get a creative park license for your project

Creative commons is an open source software license that allows anyone to freely use and share any kind of content.Creative commons allows creators to freely distribute their works on the internet.This license allows anyone, anywhere, to copy, modify, distribute, publicly perform, display, perform and transmit any work on the website.This means that anyone can createRead More

How to get more from your creative numbers

Creative numerology isn’t just for Instagram.It’s also being used to help businesses build a better business.That’s the takeaway from a new study by social analytics company Creative Intelligence Group.The research suggests the tools are helping people make better decisions in areas like marketing, communications, and content marketing.“I think that is going to be a bigRead More