How to make a perfect cake for the creative arts

This cake is perfect for the creativity arts, and is sure to please any of your special someone, including yourself.Creative cake is a term used to describe a cake that is created for an individual to celebrate their special day.A cake is made up of three or more cakes that are made from a combinationRead More

Which is the best creative advertising tool?

Creative advertising is a new field of research that aims to understand how people use advertising to make money.But, the most popular form of creative advertising is the so-called ‘creative life’ that is typically marketed as a ‘lifetime of leisure’ or ‘life experience’.According to Creative Advertising Association (CAA), this type of creative marketing involves advertisingRead More

Creative careers for young people

Creative careers offer a chance to take a creative and creative approach to your life.They can also help you make a difference in your community, by helping to fund and support projects that help create a better world.Here are some of the top creative career paths for young Australians.1.Creative industries and brands Creative industries haveRead More