How to make a perfect cake for the creative arts

This cake is perfect for the creativity arts, and is sure to please any of your special someone, including yourself.Creative cake is a term used to describe a cake that is created for an individual to celebrate their special day.A cake is made up of three or more cakes that are made from a combinationRead More

How a ‘cute’ cake became a viral meme with a ‘Crazy Crazy’ message on the back

“There is something about the cake that’s cute.”That’s the sentiment behind the #cutecake hashtag.The #cutesack hashtag is a collective response to the viral viral phenomenon #cuteness, which has captured the imaginations of social media users and bloggers worldwide.The cake, made by @CutenessCakes, is a whimsical, fun and cute look-a-like created by the Toronto-based food andRead More