When you’re a creative, you don’t need a creative solution

When you look at your favorite creative products or services, chances are you might not find them all.That’s because creative solutions are often just a “fancy” way of saying “you can’t do it that way.”You have to think creatively about how to achieve the goals you have.But with the right solutions, the results are muchRead More

How to make a logo that makes you look smarter

The word “smart” is so important to me.But in this case, I’m talking about making a logo.That’s a good thing.If you’re not making a smart logo, you’re probably making a dumb one.In fact, in this post I’m going to share how to make your own smart logo that looks like a cool cool logo.If thisRead More

How to draw something like a dinosaur

Creative: I think I drew a dinosaur. Creative: You didn’t. Creative:  What’s the difference?Creative: I drew this dinosaur in my head and I drew it in the air. I drew it with my hands and then I drew with my mouth. What are the similarities? If you have to draw a dinosaur in your head, then you are not good.You’re not goodRead More