AEVitas creative managers in Australia and New Zealand report their success story

Creative Management Solutions, AEVita Australia, has been awarded $1.5 million by the Australia and NZ government for a strategic partnership.Creative management and digital marketing are emerging areas for AEV, which has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world.The Australian and New Zealander companies have already partnered with the likes of Pinterest, FacebookRead More

‘We were on a journey to become a bigger company’

The creative grid rulers (CGR) are the digital tools that allow businesses to manage their digital presence and content on a bigger scale.The grid rulers are available in the Apple app, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Amazon Kindle app stores, and they allow you to create grids to easily organize your digital content.The grids canRead More

How to draw something like a dinosaur

Creative: I think I drew a dinosaur. Creative: You didn’t. Creative:  What’s the difference?Creative: I drew this dinosaur in my head and I drew it in the air. I drew it with my hands and then I drew with my mouth. What are the similarities? If you have to draw a dinosaur in your head, then you are not good.You’re not goodRead More

New ideas for creative touch: Ideas for creative date ideas

Creative touch, a new category for dates, is a new feature in the Creative Calendar app for Apple’s iOS devices.Creative touch, also known as a touch screen or stylus, is similar to touch screens used by people with disabilities in many ways.It’s an idea that comes from the word “touch,” which means to touch.So ifRead More