How to set up a creative agency

Creative agency agency and creative management are a combination of many of the same things, but the term has changed over the years.Creative agency refers to the organisation which manages the creative assets of an artist, or the client(s) who are using them to create works.A creative management agency is one that manages the client’sRead More

How to tell if your business is creative and innovative?

The Creative Antonym is the creative thinking term for the type of thought process that generates innovative ideas.Creative thinking is a combination of creativity, originality, invention and invention-driven thinking that can take a team of professionals or a small business to new levels of productivity.You may think your business has creative antonysms and a logoRead More

How to delete your personal data and restore your privacy after you uninstall it, report reads from Bleacherreport

Pittsburgh creative agency Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has become a hotbed of creative cloud removal efforts.The Pittsburgh City Council passed a resolution in September that banned the use of any cloud-based tools and services that do not have a license to do so.The resolution stated, “It is the intent of this resolution to prohibit all cloud-service providersRead More

How to get a healthy and creative life from your iPhone

When your smartphone becomes your primary device for content consumption, it’s time to look at your digital health and wellness strategy.Here’s how to make sure your digital life is in sync with your smartphone’s fitness and wellness goals.1.Take a few steps to become a health-obsessed digital star with your apps and activities 1.Use a personalizedRead More

What’s happening with the iPhone X’s camera?

Apple is getting ready to release the first iPhone X, the device that Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled in October.And if the device doesn’t live up to expectations, it could have a major impact on the iPhone and its future.Here’s what you need to know about the camera.What you need now: The iPhone X featuresRead More

Fortnite: The Ultimate Art of Design

Now Playing: Amazon is making an ‘immersive’ VR video game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive source Fortune Now Playing, Fortnites’ newest weapon is a giant ball of fire source Fortune More stories from around the web

How to create your own short stories

Writers can spend a decade on the road and yet still make a living.In an article published in the September 2016 issue of American Essay, journalist and essayist Amanda R. Grosz interviewed six writers about their path to the creative writing profession.Rounding out the list was writer Amy L. Martin, who has since written twoRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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