The next step for a new generation of social media stars

Gamemode Creative has an ambitious plan for creating a new class of social influencers: gamers.“We have a great idea to create a new social influencer class, that is, gamers who are the next generation of influencers,” said Alex Deucher, the CEO and founder of Gamemote Creative.Gamemodes creators will be able to choose a genre, theme,Read More

The secret of the perfect color graphic design

I have always been an advocate of color graphics, especially the bold and vibrant colors used on the covers of books and posters.I always thought they were beautiful, and I wanted to see them on my walls and in my office.But I had no idea that when I had a client that wanted to createRead More

When will my computer finally be able to run a game?

The answer: not yet.In the meantime, game developers are going about their business, testing their games on machines with varying degrees of success.The first big test came in December, when the Oculus Rift was released for $1,000.At the time, many games weren’t optimized for the Rift’s high resolution display, and those that were didn’t runRead More

How to Get Creative at Creative Discovery Museum (CDM)

This post is part of our Creative Discovery Month series.For more articles like this one, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook.The creators of a new documentary film about the creative lives of the creators behind iconic brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Apple have released a teaser for their upcoming film on Thursday.TheRead More

Why do creative financial workers make so much money?

As the creative finance industry continues to evolve, the salaries of creative financial staff are steadily rising, even as the number of financial planners has remained stagnant over the past several years. The Creative Finance Salary Survey from Equilar, a financial staffing agency, shows that creative financial staffers are earning more than their counterparts in theRead More

Why Creative People Love Creativity

Creative people love creativity.That’s why they’re drawn to projects that involve them working with others.They’re drawn by the idea that you’re able to use your talents to help others.In fact, creative people like to think of themselves as a collective.When they work together, they think of the process as being part of a shared vision.TheyRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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